Artist Information

Award-winning artist, Fran Reno has been creating digital art since 1997 when she joined the exclusive ranks of the premier web artists providing web templates to those that wished to create a personal or commercial website, but did not have the artistic skills to do so. 

Returning to college in the summer of 2003, she is working to enhance her already unique design skills with new techniques and to enter a higher level of digital media production in video, flash, utilizing all the lastest tools and programs to stay on the cutting edge of the digital and interactive media industy.

She was the first artist to receive recognition by in their designer category, and has since received many awards and recoginition in the artistic community for her unique style. The summer of 2003 her art was shown at both Mac World and Siggraph. Various pieces of her digital artwork have been selected at DAZ3D in their monthly collections, as well as winning and placing in two of their separate contests. In the fall of 2003 and spring of 2004, some of her pieces were recognized for their uniqueness and quality and have been included in local art gallery showings.