High valuations Actual Keylogger is due to its unique advantages:

The program for monitoring Actual Keylogger works in any conditions, even if the witness observed or module does not have a static ip-address or are behind a NAT

Installation takes place in a completely hidden mode for the user

Monitoring actions on the monitored computer has no effect on its performance

Collected during the tracking users data stored in the database, allowing them to turn in any convenient time

No need for any software configuration. Valuable work can begin immediately after registration.

High level of efficiency analysis of information is achieved by applying filters to the data type of the detected

Tracking users conducted even when not connected to the network. The data obtained during the surveillance computer will be sent to the database when you resume the connection to the network
Protection from unauthorized off tracking module

With Actual Keylogger you oversee your computer remotely!
In order to establish surveillance of the user need only 1 time tracking module to run the file on his computer. At the same time enough to run two mouse clicks. Actual Keylogger automatically tunes and instantly begin its work on monitoring user actions.

Extremely simple installation for tracking users, is one of the key factors determining the choice in favor of Actual Keylogger.

What can Actual Keylogger?
Using the program for monitoring computers Actual Keylogger, you will be able to stealth mode track user computer. Actual Keylogger not only shows image of the user's screen, it captures all keystrokes and mouse, ICQ messages and social networks, emails, as well as monitors visited Web sites, running applications and file operations. The information collected is stored in a database and you at any time convenient for you will be able to analyze it. Actual Keylogger provides the opportunity to learn all about the user, including its various logins and passwords. You can read letters and emails written by the user, even if they are deleted. Nothing will go unnoticed for Actual Keylogger.

If you need full control and monitoring of user actions that we, Actual Keylogger - is a program with excellent opportunities for the implementation of this task.

At the moment there are lots of programs for tracking users, providing similar functions.
What is the difference of Actual Keylogger programs counterparts?

The vast majority of spyware, repeating funtsionala Actual Keylogger, only work if you are watching your computer and the computer is being tracking users are in the same LAN. Need to comply with this condition imposes severe limitations on the effective monitoring of user actions, as in the current stage of development of a global network infrastructure, the situation is when you and the computer for which you want to monitor in the same network is rare. Also, there are similar programs for tracking users using email to send reports to your mailbox with the observed computer that is not a guaranteed way of getting information, and also greatly complicates the analysis of the data thus collected. Moreover, using the email address that was created by you to receive and store reports on information gathered in the course of tracking users these programs, you are putting yourself at great risk to be calculated and criminal prosecution under the laws of the Russian Federation. Do you need such a risk?

Surveillance program computers Actual Keylogger runs on an anonymous basis and your email address is only required for registration and login. At the same time we store it using the methods of irreversible encryption therefore proved by the data that you've ever recorded in our system is not possible.

If there is a choice between programs for covert tracking computers then Actual Keylogger - this is definitely the best choice.

Actual Keylogger works perfectly in any conditions by monitoring the computer even if it is on the other side of the world.

In order to use Actual Keylogger, you and watch the computer do not necessarily have a static external ip address. Actual Keylogger will work even if you are watching and tracking computers are behind NAT. Tracking Actual Keylogger module records the user's actions on the computer, even if there is no network connection. The program will simply accumulate the information collected and send it when you see an internet connection.

Actual Keylogger - this is not a simple keylogger or spy software that allows you to capture desktop, is a versatile and flexible tool for unobtrusive tracking users and to obtain all the information you need.

Actual Keylogger structures and organizes the data collected for you by leaving them in the most convenient form

Actual Keylogger is not just prodemostriruet you huge text files with the information collected, the program provides a powerful and simple tool that performs analysis on parameters of interest to you. For example: " Who and what the user wrote on the social network Classmates? or Who wrote and what the user in the social network Vkontakte July 4, 2011 at 15 o'clock in the afternoon". Thus, the search information you need in a matter of seconds. Visual charts and graphs give a clear idea of how the user spends his time at the computer.