HTC Desire Review

With the launch of the HTC Desire mobile phone comes yet another attempt by HTC to raise the bar in the smartphone market and keep the major manufacturers on their toes. This android based phone is a beefed up version of the HTC Desire which was dubbed an ‘iPhone killer’ but to be honest it didn’t have the longevity that the iPhone 3Gs had. So what of this beef?

Well for a start it has a 5.0 megapicel camera which is one of the best seen in the HTC arena. This camera also comes with autofocus, zoom and face detection. So this is definitely better than the Hero but yet not as powerful as some of those available with Nokia and Sony Ericsson for example. This said it is still a lot better than the iPhone 3Gs, however with the Nokia N8 mobile phone imminent, available with a 12.0 megapixel camera it may be a bit too low at 5.0 megapixels.

The screen is a whopping 3.7 inches which is perfect in the smartphone arena because the phones are all about connectivity, browsing and internet. The HTC Desire also sports a touch screen functionality very similar to that of the iPhone. This offers the pinch to zoom and whip scroll techniques which make phones of it’s kind some of the easiest to use. This twinned with the 3G connectivity means that browsing is as fast as you like and a pleasure to view on this great screen. If that wasn’t enough you can take advantage of the Wi-Fi connectivity should you not wish to get a data tariff.

Periferal media features include a great music player but disappointingly there is only 512mb of memory so if you want to store lots of tunes then you need to buy an additional memory card of up to 32gb. This is a shame because issues like this simply fall nto Apple's hands and for that you may wish to go for the new iPhone 4. Other than that you can get a video player and recorder and FM radio too which is always a nice feature to have.

I have left the last two fetures until last for a reason because all of the above is powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm SnapDragon processor which means whatever you are doing on this phone you will be doing it fast, for the first time i think we can truely say we have a mobile phone in the HTC Desire which is close to a computer. And secondly the Desire is wrapped in a lovely shell, a bit thinner than an Apple iPhone 3Gs but on the whole a really solid and quality feel to it.

In summary this phone has to have a 9/10 from me, it would have had more but the camera lets it down with the Nokia N8 looking and the lack of memory. It is clear to see why this phone has been a best seller for most of the UK mobile phone retailers this year.