Why a Website is Needed

The World Wide Web (WWW) offers a business, organization or an individual a chance to present their products, services and points of view to literally millions of people everywhere in the world. Quest Graphics Design feels that the world wide web is the most important tool that can be utilized to accomplish this goal.

Your message becomes available online the moment that you put your information on the web. People around the world at any time (day or night) can access your message. The benefit to you is that you can market your product at a much lower rate than traditional advertising may cost you. Anyone that has a product that they want to market has to use this wonderful media that is fast replacing other methods of traditional communication and marketing. Manage your business, not booking appointments.

Provided Services

A sample of just some of the provided services are:

  • Site Design
  • Personal or commercial
  • Flash enhanced sites
  • Preparation of client's original custom images for insertion into new site design, or a renovation of a pre-existing site
  • Forms & Tables
  • Site Maintenance
  • Image-mapping, rollovers
  • Search engine submission
  • Java scripting as needed

What's the cost involved?

Truthfully, cost can vary dependent on needs. All custom design work is estimated prior to initiation of a project. For most projects, a 50% deposit of the estimate is required, with the balance due on completion. Many clients prefer to be billed on an hourly basis rather than a per page/piece basis. This method usually results in a cost less than the original estimate, but sometimes is higher in rare cases. Please email me to discuss the specifics of your needs.

Confused? Don't be. Just contact Quest Graphics Design with your questions!