Security Bitcoin: useful tips

This section provides general guidelines for the safe use of Bitcoin. Some of them experienced users seem banal, but they can be useful to many.

Always use the latest version of the purse! Built-in encryption emerged since version Bitcoin 0.4.0, it is strongly recommended to include in your program, it significantly reduces the risk that an attacker gets the purse file via Trojans or any other malware can use funds from it.

Try to keep on their computers in the official purse and not in online services or someone other purses, because holding money at home, you are in control of them, and bringing them into some online wallet, exchange, etc. you trust them to third-party services that may disappear with your savings. Unfortunately, the examples suffice.

Make timely backups (backup) file purse and store them on external media, it will protect your savings in the event of hard disk failure.

Avoid using simple passwords. These passwords are selected instantly dictionary attack and can not provide at least some serious protection. Try not to use as a password in plain language, use short passwords. Do not use the same password for multiple services. Try to use a password, the characters in a different case letters, numbers and special. symbols.

Do not start or is not installed on your system, which employs bitcoin, software from dubious sources, do not go to questionable links in your browser. Do not turn your bitcoin wallet on unreliable or poorly maintained machines. Update your operating system from the latest security updates.

To get more information about Bitcoin software security settings read here. Here you have all the necessary details concerning the security settings of the payment system.