Web Sites

Child Health Online
Dr. Charlotte Hendricks is known for her work in the medical field doing work with schools, medical teaching facilities, magazines, periodicals and parents regarding early childhood health education.  The website was set up in MS FrontPage to enable Charlotte to update and modify her site on her own.

Hang & Shine
Hang & Shine of Pembroke, KY, had color parameters and a logo that had to be used as it is a franchise.  Customer wanted a customized but personal look and feel.

Pelham Wrestling.com
Pelham Wrestling.com is a website dedicated to the wrestlers of the Pelham, Alabama schools.  While not affiliated with the local schools, it does have their full endorsement.  They wanted a bold, edgy look, but still incorporating basic elements such as the panther.


  • SeaWorld Logo Design
  • Pharmatech Logo
  • Chabot College Jazz Band
  • MoneyBlowers Logo
  • Physicians Press (Logo at top of page)
  • Drum Corps Planet (Site was purchased by a private entity and original logo work changed).  Original logo available for review under separate cover as part of a portfolio presentation.
  • Nebulus Logo Contest
  • AClassicalGift.com Logo & Template Contest Submission

Custom Design

  • Pharmatech Business Card
  • Antibiotic Essentials Book Cover
  • Clock Animation
  • Contact me for other custom items not shown in list.
Design Work and Galleries