Terms of Use

1.  You may not include any of the images in any online or commercial collection(s) without prior express written approval.  This includes a web developer using my linkware images to develop web sites for clients for gain whether actual, intended, or bartered.  The use of my linkware images for creating web sites for a fee (whether for a commercial endeavor or a personal non-profit site) are unequivocally denied the privilege of using the linkware. A redistribution license may be grated for permission to use specific images to create web pages, but this license must be purchased prior to any use of the images. This license may at any time be retracted by Quest Graphics Design if usage is determined to be against the terms of use as stated herein.

2. You may not use any of the images independently at will. Web templates which include buttons or other adornments are designed to be used as a set. If you wish to use any of the images independently you MUST gain prior written approval for it's intended use. If an image is found to be used at will, an email will be sent to the offending party requesting that the illegal use of graphics stop or that proper credit be given to Quest Graphics Design. If the image is not removed or credit noted within 48 hours, the offender's ISP will be contacted to intercede in the removal of the image, and be informed of the user's copyright violation.

3.  Do not link directly to the images on my server, but rather save the images to your own hard drive, and then upload them to your own server.

4.  Do not use any of the images in any other media form other than web-site use.  Do not use the images as stationary for Outlook Express, printed media, PSP tubes or avatars.

5. You must contact me with your url on which you are using or intending to use the images. I do not seek out sites that are using my images, however if I do happen onto a site using any of my linkware that has not been requested prior approval, you will be contacted to remove the images. The ISP may be contacted to assist in this action.

6. You must link back to Quest Graphics Design by use of the linkware/shareware set's logo, or any of the three generic logos provided. The excuse of "I don't like how the logo looks" doesn't suffice. Use the logos and give credit where credit is due, or don't use the linkware.

7. If you are found to be in violation of any of the above terms, bear in mind that there is a large collective of graphic artists ready to fight for each other in bringing the offending party to justice. It is not a vigilante group, but one that is a collective for the rights of fellow artists. I will use legal action if necessary to obtain compliance to my terms of use. Please be advised that receiving illegally redistributed graphics is like receiving a pirated movie, buying an unauthorized reproduction of any original artwork or perhaps even accepting stolen merchandise. It is illegal and can successfully be pursued and remedied with litigation.

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Privacy Policy

No information obtained on this site will be sold or bartered to a third party. Any information gathered will be for the explicit reason of purchase information gathered specifically for that reason alone.